Amazon carding method

Hey, guys. In this article we will tell you how to buy things from Amazon without spending money from your card. I must say that in order to use Amazon carding method you must be no stranger to carding. Well, if you're a skilled enough carder I'm starting!

Prepare for Amazon carding

First, I will prepare you and tell you what you need to have to successfully card on Amazon. So:

  1. The first thing you will need to do - buy a quality CC/CVV of course in our store:). Good cards are not cheap so I do not advise to save on buying CC. The success of the whole carding process depends on it. Especially on the more expensive cards tend to be much more available funds. Therefore, buying a good CC/CVV in our store Dumpkingdom you can buy more expensive things on Amazon.
  2. Once you've bought stuff you need to think about buying a quality socks5. Pay attention to this! To a socks5 proxy which can be set in the state where the owner of the card. Also this socks5 should not be used before.A fter you have solved the issue with socks5, check the performance of your ip address. Be careful right and quality socks5 is as important as buying quality CC to amazon carding.
  3. So now you need to protect yourself online. First of all, clear all your browser data. For more security for carding, we recommend using TOR Browser. Also, you need software that will not track you on the Internet. One such program is CCleaner.
  4. The last thing you need to do is create a new email. When creating an account, specify the cardholder data for greater reliability.

Yes, Amazon carding method is not easy but effective) Let's continue

Carding method

So when you have everything you need I'll tell you how to use CC for carding on Amazon

Go to website and create a new account. In the same way as when creating an e-mail everywhere enter the data of the card owner. In this case, you will save yourself from additional difficulties when buying.

So we completely pretended to be a different person. We have his credit card mail and an Amazon account in his name. Now it is time to make a purchase. But remember - you are not you but another person! Amazon is a smart system so we have to keep pretending to fool it. Remember to start as usual you make purchases online. For example, you are almost never 100% sure what model of laptop you need to buy.

So for starters do kind of that choose your something. Assume that you want to buy a smartphone. Spend at least 30 minutes online. During this time, do what an ordinary buyer does:

IMPORTANT!By the end of your session on the site in your cart should be a few items including a smartphone that you want to buy. But this smartphone should not be added to the cart at the beginning or at the end of the session! Try not to arouse suspicion.

So when you have been surfed the site and put in the basket of the desired smartphone and a few useless items you have to logout. After that, don't go back to Amazon for at least 10 hours! After the time has passed, log back into your account. Now you can buy the goods from your cart that you need. We do not recommend making purchases for large amounts. Possible is limited to 500$ - 1000$. There is nothing wrong if your order is not approved immediately. Maybe we should just wait.

If your order has been processed for a very long time, you should contact the store on behalf of your new image (use the email you created before) and ask to execute the order as soon as possible. In order not to cause suspicion, you can specify the reason why it is so important for you to receive the order in the near future. For example you can say that buying a gift for your sister whose birthday is coming up. The main thing is not to give too detailed information. Remember that you communicate with a person and try to look natural.


That's it! If you have exactly followed all the instructions your order will be approved and You will only have to wait for delivery.

Now you know how Amazon carding method works and you can buy some toys right now. To do this, you just need to buy a quality staff in our trusted shop DumpKingdom and exactly follow all instructions. Good luck!

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