Amazon make it

Good evening, my little lovers of pranks with other people's credit cards) Today we will drive into Amazon with the help of Amex - a cheap mat that you can spend tons on your tests, and then on successful drives. Minimum Material Required For work, we need an ssh tunnel (preferably as clean as possible. If you dont know where to get it, ask the author of the article), brut the American Express account, mail and the address of the drop / intermediary.

But from the software, you and I need Mozila portable of the correct version with the correct settings for battle, and actually the old, necessary battlefield, which we will not make brains with some tunnels. As a result, we make a bunch of Mozilla + Beatvise. The necessary programs can be downloaded here. Also in the archive you will find screenshots with customization. What's next? The first step is to break through the card number and disable alerts in Amex Lux. Did you break the card number, an approximate exp, disconnected the holders alerts? We remove the native language from your system. At all. We expose the United States in the computer settings and time zone under the address of the owner of the Amex card) Do it? Well done. Now we are registering mail. We register mail on the trust domain, for example on With a clean tunnel it will not be difficult. Do not even ask for SMS. And if you asked? - and no problem! We take the Dutch or Latvian number, and we register soap on it. We take the name of the mail as similar as possible to the name of the Amex holder. We use Texnow, Facebook for this soap. Open several tabs of American trash in Mozilla (reddit, amex, etc.) and go to Youtube. In the search engine, enter Amazon com 2019 and turn on any video with a hit parade of some useful garbage. We look for 3-4 minutes (well, or you can get distracted for 3-4 minutes while the vidos is on;) and go to through any link under this video. As a rule, you get to the page of some item from the video that we just watched. We pretend that he was really very interested in us. Therefore, we carefully study it for 5 minutes. Next, we will register an account. We put the name of the owner of Amex, the address, too. We attach the Amex card in the payment section. By the way, usually within a couple of hours, Amazon corrects the exp if you entered it incorrectly. Save the resulting expo in a separate file along with the SS and other info on this self-regulator. Well drive the phone number out of our heads - the main thing is that there is a state code for the holder. Next, go to the profile section in Amazon and write some crap about "yourself" and add the Facebook page that you were supposed to create there. That's all. Until. We send this self-regress to the bed for a minimum of 24 hours. By the way! Since the version of the Portable browser you can clone as many browser folders as you like and dedicate each browser folder to a separate self-regulator. The next day Do not forget about the time and language on the computer. We carve out the tunnel. Go! We go to the Amazon. We look around. I wonder how everything is. Our task is to make a warrant for the holder. It will be a small business deal up to $ 50, like a Chinese wireless headphone or something else) We enter bluetooth headphones in the search engine and rummage through the issuance within 20 minutes. All? We send the desired device to the basket and return to Amazon) We climb anywhere and anytime within 10 minutes and return to the basket. There we draw up our device, while not forgetting to put a check in the box on the packaging in gifts pack. To this point you will be asked to issue a note - we leave everything as is, only the last line with the name KX we delete. It would be strange to get a holder a gift from himself)) And so he will receive from Amazon) When choosing a delivery method, we select the paid version of Prime from Amazon.

We are waiting for the pack to come to the holder. Holder received a gift. What did we get? Have you waited? Did Holder wear gift earphones? If the account is banned (which happens in 10% of cases), then we do a new self-regression, although you should have at least 10 of them initially. If everything is ok, then continue. If you are a patient carder, you can still drive a small order on kx according to the same scheme as before. If you are a lazy carder then go straight to the next point) We take in our hands the good old algorithm "MY hot(real man active)-slugging-warming-driving in". What does he mean? We go into Amazon, make HOT (we simulate the real activity of a real person) the goods we need up to $ 300 for 20 minutes. We send it to the basket. We give this self-rest to lie down for several hours-1 day. We go in, GRAY again for about 20 minutes and hit the new address - in the middle or drop. Sent? Good! Open the champagne! No? We are not upset, we try different approaches further. Maybe somewhere underheated or greedy with the amount of an intermediary? Remember one thing! The most important! If you learned to beat Amazon, then you will drive into any other shop!

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