Booking carding 2019

For carding in hotels you need

credit card without VBV
Website for hotel reservations, for example: or
Letter with the name of the card holder
Socks in the city, the owner of the card

First, you need to prepare everything for purchase. purchase rooms without the possibility of cancellation and refund.

Your credit card must have a good balance so that your bro can book a hotel room.

Create an email with the name with your credit card.

Let's get started.

Bro goes to the source of hotel reservations, like this, and create an account (write the information about the card owner in the information about your account). After that, the bro will come in and select the number that he wants to book.

Go back later to warm it up at and select the hotel you want.

After you write all the information necessary for booking, click "Buy Now" and proceed to pay bro.

bro enters credit card information for the reservation and is paid.

After this bro should receive a receipt by e-mail.

Bro can sell the room. And if they ask for a card, say you paid in cash.

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