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Hello. In this thread I will talk about carding via buy CC carding into a shops.

In first:

We buy CC on dumpkingdom24. for buy cc carding.
Naturally, before we start buying, we must purchase everything we need.
First of all, we buy the CC. Her choice is built on our needs and financial capabilities.

Anonymity and system setup.for CC carding buy.
CC is,we pass to anonymity.
Choose for yourself what you like SOCKS DED SSH.
If you chose a virtual machine, then the browser must be FireFox.
Socks5 - if you chose socks, then you can buy them both with hands and from shops. Before buying, check the address of the holder on the Zip-code, it can be requested when buying socks. If there is one - excellent!

Dedicated Server. It’s more complicated. Do not be lazy, look in the forums for a good seller. Antiford will thank you.

SSH tunnels. Tunnels - a great thing, you can take in shops and with your hands. If possible, rent a private tunnel for a month.

Set up Great, now let's go check.
There are many anonymity checking services online.
For example,,

After registering mail on hotmail or yahoo under the holder.
Example the name of the card holder is Emma Smith, which means we are registering mail -

If everything stands still, there is a high level of anonymity, the soap is registered - let's get started!

Choose a shop.for cc carding buy .
I recommend starting with small shops, the network is full of them. Warm up the shop.
You can create an account a few days before buying, communicate with support, climb shop (under the ip of card holder).

Payment. buy cc
So, we warmed up a shop, talked with support and chose a product. Now you can pay.
Press the button, go to the form of payment.
First purchase need to be on the drop's address, which will receive the order.
Enter all the data manually! Making minor mistakes - fixing! Thus, we pretend that we are rewriting all the data from the card.
They drove everything in, click “pay”.

Next, we have 2 options decline or success.

If the decline, then something went wrong (deceased cc, poorly configured system, etc.)
After the refusal, we take another card and repeat all the steps from the first paragraph.

If success - do not rush to rejoice.
The holder can quickly submit an application to the bank, and the bank will quickly consider it, then the parcel will be deployed back.
If this happens - forget and make a new purchase.

Unforeseen situations.
It happens that the card passed, but the track code was not given, and the message confirm your identity was sent to the mail.
This may be due to the fact that the shop decided to make sure that the order is made by the card holder.
Verification in two ways dialing or requesting documents.

When you purchase something, you do not indicate the number. We send the number to the shop when we request a call.
For calling, buy register Skype or Google Voice. Then you can chat with a shop yourself, or use the caller service, they know all the subtleties of communicating with support and accept a call for a small amount, and they can also persuade support for a small discount.

Documents. If you can draw passports DL card - excellent, you can prepare a passport for the card holder in advance. If you do not know how, we go to people who professionally render the necessary document.That all for buy CC carding!!!

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