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Credit card Dumps this is info from credit card magnetic strip or chip

So what is a dump?

- A dump is a collection of information recorded on a CC magnetic strip. Consists of three tracks. The first two are used directly for the card, and the third track is designed to record various service information. The most important is the second track. The first track duplicates the main data of the second - card number, expiration date, CVV - code, and also contains the name of the card holder.

Track1: B4 55990 75607 84214 ^ SMITH / JOHN ^ 110 210 10000 00000 00000

Track2: 4559907560784214 = 11021010000052700000

Code 101 after the card expiration date indicates that the card is international. If instead of it there is, for example, 201 - this means that the card is local (it works only in the "native" country). Having track2 on hand, you can easily generate track1, but on the contrary it’s quite difficult to do. To receive cash at an ATM, only the second track is enough.

Where does the dump come from?
There are people who are engaged in the search and extraction of information recorded on cards (DUMP) and PIN codes.

There are several ways to get this information. It can be sold by employees of banks that are involved in the manufacture of cards, someone bribes employees of organizations where terminals are used for payment.

Another way is to install skimmers on an ATM (a device for reading and storing information from a card). To find out the PIN code - keyboard overlays or microcamera, the size of a dot. This method allows you to get more than 100 dumps with PIN codes from one ATM during 5-6 hours of operation, if the ATM is in a crowded place.

What we need?

No. 1
ID of the country where you are going to shop
Fake ID. In countries of Europe and the USA, when trying to buy something in a store, they will ask for an ID - for example, a passport, a driver’s license. By the way driver’s license is the easiest to buy and it is much easier to do. Well, it depends on which country you need it for.

No. 2.
You need to buy dumps. It is better to take dumps of the country where you are going to work.
Take Visa gold / premium / infinity as MC.
If you work in Europe, then dumps are better suited for DE ES IT FR.
If you work for USA, then take Amex.

No. 3. Next, the dumps are recorded on the magnetic strip of plastic using a vorter. We get CC ready for use at the ATM (white plastic, i.e. there are no pictures, letters and emblems of the payment system on the card).
Dump on the disc. Then there are two options: shopping or withdrawing money from a bank.

Of course, you won’t go shopping in a store or in a bank with a blank (white plastic: CR-80 standard (HiCo or LoCo)
Therefore, you need to order drawn-quality plastic from verified services, the cost in the aisles is $ 50-100, it is better to turn to professionals than it is not clear to whom, without reputation and reviews. Do not chase the valuable!

Next, you need to check the balance on the card at the ATM.
For this operation, the ATM (only the bank in which we check) will charge a few cents to CC. The cardholder usually does not notice the write-off of this amount. Even if his CC is connected to the GSM-banking system, then transaction messages, by default, are sent to the phone only if the amount exceeds 1 dollar / euro.

If the balance on the card is more than 5000 euros / dollars, then we change the name and surname in the card dump to your own.

CC usually has a limit on the number of CC transactions at ATMs. For a day it is 2-3 operations. An ATM cannot issue a large amount for 3 times. Typically, an ATM issues no more than 40 notes at a time. Therefore, in make-up and with a fake document (we already prepared an ID), we go to the cash desk of a small bank branch, where there is no camera and receives money for one operation.

Or we make an expensive purchase in one of the stores of household appliances, electronics, clothes.

Beware of brand-name shops where cashiers are trained.
Carry a second card with you, in case the first one fails.
If the cards did not pass at all, pay in cash. Always have cash with you, if paying with a card in real life, this can save you from trouble.

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