Carding Apple Stuff

All my guys are trying to work with apple shit because it is easy to sell, but before you start you need to learn bro.

You need all this shit: Fresh RDP (Fresh Mac address / PC cache) Fresh VPN / Socks5 (Matching state socks with a radius of 25 miles)
Cool working goods from my Kingdom store. Fresh E-Mail was created at least 3 months ago, somewhat matches
Name of card holder or information.
Before starting my little naughty kid: this information is for success in buying an iMac, Apple uses smart registration of the time frames that customers visit on the site,
how long they render the page, as well as the basic configuration for personal use.
Read it >>>. Go to the Apple.Com website and in the top navigation bar, click on the product you need (Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod) (I selected Mac)
Below compare the models.
Read the basic functions of the time period and select "Set up this shit now" for the desired item. Next, make your choice for customization.
In the settings, change the mouse parameter to the magic trackpad, since it is free, most people will update everything for free.
After that, put the goods in the basket. For order information, click "This is a gift or continue anyway", both options work.
Choose “Place an order”, then “Continue as a guest”
Click “Delivery,” then click “View Delivery Options and Tariffs."
Indicate your SHIPPING DROP zip code, after making sure that several stores are available (2-3), then select a store and click "Save".
Click "Next", then fill in your remote address, specify the name of the delivery recipient and the name of the card holder. Do not forget to provide fake
phone number for sending notifications.
To pay, fill in the information with the cardholder, then click credit card payment and enter your details.
When you are prompted to create an account, say yes, enter the password, and click Go. Choose the main delivery once in a hurry, all people do it

Do not look at the order status within 24 hours. they check an immediate check of the status of the order after it may cancel your purchase.

1) buy a good canadian copy, it should be a good basket. I prefer gold / business
2) go to (canada) and select the product you want
3) go to the order page. Apple stores your data and completes the order as soon as they confirm the address. this is usually called
avs (address verification system)
4) change the address of the card holder, also called the billing address, put something like a ro field xxx (x = some number) and
enter the cc details and enter the delivery address (I recommend a drop) and place an order
5) after 5-24 hours you will receive a message that the address on the card does not match the address of the card holder. just mail it to them
bro you need to put po address of the box and give them a real address
6) after you send the message, wait about 4-24 hours, and you will receive 90% of the time, the order will be completed.
There is not much more about that. Do not use the same email address using this method of making money. Remember that do not use the classics and do not lose your order and time. Also, always use the desired Sock5 city, state and country so that everything goes smoothly.

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