Abbreviations and terms in carding

  1. CC – IS NOT A CREDIT CARD!! This reduction means a certain type of stuff, which you can find in our store after registration.

  2. CCN (Credit card number) – Expiration date and main credit card number

  3. CVV (Credit Verification Value) – 3 digits (4 American Express ) on the back of the card, which are used for verification

  4. Drop – address to send the purchased goods in order not to indicate your or your friends.

  5. SSN (Social Security Number) – props holder to bypass security measures.

  6. COB (Change of Billing) – some especially large stores send expensive goods only when the shipping information matches the billing information. This information provides a type of stuff as Fullz.

  7. Fullz – this details information about the card and its owner such as answers to security questions, SSN, date of birth, etc. Such stuff has a high probability to easily withdraw money from the card.

  8. AVS (Address Verification Service) – a system that checks the payment address.

  9. VBV (Verified by Visa) – additional verification process which uses different types of authentication (date of birth, password, mother's maiden name, etc.)

  10. MCSC (MasterCard SecureCode) – similar to VBV but for MasterCard cards

  11. Dump – magnetic stripe information on the back of the card

  12. BIN(Bank Identification Number) – the first 6 digits of the card

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