Carding websites 2019

In this article we will talk about a very important issue: rippers in carding. This problem has recently gained momentum. Often beginners in carding do not know which store you can trust and send money to scammers. You may be offered to buy dumps at a discount of 70-80% or cash out money with a small percentage or buy Apple equipment for 30% of its real value but it's always scammers! Our shop is checked in the market and for years of our work we made the list of the trusted shops where you can buy stuff if suddenly it will end at us. We are not against competition. For us, the main thing that you do not get to the scammers who will take your money and deceive you.

Most popular carding shop and forum like Joker shop, and OMERTA forum

crimes- cdotws pw (No trust)

Joker Stash- jstash bazar (No trust. We were informed that this store belongs to the police - they use it to store user data such as ip and location. We are not 100% sure about this information but still be careful.)

Rescator- Rescator AT; Rescator cc; Rescator cm (No trust)

cardingmafia- cardmafia cc; cardmafia pw (Can trust)

prvtzone - prvtzone ws (There scam services)

lampeduza- lampeduza la (Scam)

DumpKingdom24- DumpKingdom24 com (MOST trustable cvv shop :)

altenen- altenen com (Can trust)

crdclub- crdclub su; crdclub ws; (Can trust)


brians club- briansclub (Can trust)

easydeals dumps- easydeals gs (Can trust)

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