Internet carding dictionary

Internet carding dictionary

General concepts

Adult - any site with content for adults.
Bid Pay - payment system allows a person who buys something at an auction to pay his purchase. This payment system allows you to make M0 without any problems using a CC.
Billing - payment system, how to do billing in our shop you may read in F.A.Q. .
eBay - online auction.
E-gold - Internet payment system.
Internet carding - use data from someone else's bank to carry out all kinds transactions on the Internet, in order to receive money.
Used for shopping on the Internet. It happens with the code cvv2 and without.
Merchant a trading account, which receives money for the goods sold, the online trading system.
PayPal (Stick) - money transfer system.
Proxy - function allows the user to work from another adress.
SalesCart package of e-commerce, integrated with Microsoft FrontPage, providing the opportunity to make purchases on the Web.
Soks (Sоcks - proxy) - server of the intermediary between your computer and the final site, hide the IP.
Spam large - scale mailing of letters.
SSN (social security number) number, which is given to every citizen of the United States for convenient taxation and tracking of credit history.
Chardjbek recall by the bank (cardholder) of payment in respect of which there are doubts, you should now what mean Bank Response Codes .
Enroll is a credit card (account) connection with on-line with the ability to recognize and change data via the Internet.
IP Internet address, coincides of four numbers, separated by a point, each of which can be 0 - 255, determines the location of the user.
WebMoney - Internet payment system.

Common abbreviations

Acc - account.
AmEx - American Express.
CVV - Card Verification Value.
Dl - driver licenze.
Exp. date - Expiration date.
MG - Money Gramm.
MO - Money Order.
PIN - personal identification number.
SSN - Social security number.
WM - WebMoney.
WU - Western Union.

Let's give a dictionary, for those terms that are used in the environment of the thing

SS-data recorded on the magnetic strip (in electronic form).
Shop - online store in which you are going to buy.
Holder - owner of the plastic card.
Staff the goods.
Dedic - remote server, from which the purchase of goods
VPN - the program for anonymous use of your IP-address.
Drop the mediator who accepts the goods to his address.
Card owner - the owner of the card the issuing organization of the bank card.
CVV - (verifikation) check value for the card number, with the dump.
CVV2 - additional security code on the back of card, usually consists of 3 digits.

You should to learn this or make note with this terms, if you want to be seriouse carder. Because like I said in article Bank - "The main idea is - To penetrate into the topic, in its very essence, then to pursue at any cost the ultimate goal".

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