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e-Gift carding:
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90% + of American Stores long ago stopped sending to different billing and shipping addresses. It
and it’s understandable, given that carders have been working in America for over 20 years. The idea is that the goods go there,
where we need to, we should replace billing and shipping addresses, but ...
As you already know after studying the previous sections of the training manual, the ABS system works in the USA,
which verifies the real billing address of the holder with the address specified when buying in a shop.
And if you enter the wrong billing address when buying, then this order will not pass 100%.
how then to work with the US material?
Here e-Gift (electronic gift card) comes to our aid.
e-Gift is a regular code of numbers and letters like some kind of discount coupon and has
your face value. In simple words, this is the electronic currency of a particular store.
An example of what an e-Gift looks like: WJ49Y37HH2

The whole charm is that when buying an e-Gift we do not need to specify a physical shipping address, e-Gift
comes to the email recipient.
To buy an e-Gift we need to specify only the name and email address of the recipient. This will be the shipping address
purchases, and directly in the process of processing this purchase, we indicate the real billing
Holder Address The billing is real, ABC does not swear and in a good situation we get an e-Gift by email
the recipient.
IMPORTANT: Do not confuse e-Gift card and Gift card.
Gift card is an analog e-Gift format and is sent by mail as correspondence
to the physical address.
Driving an e-Gift
To make a gift we need:
2. A sock or a tunnel under a bill holder (ideally under a zip, but it is also possible under a city)
3. 2 Email addresses: one for the holder, one for the recipient of the Gift.
4. Telephone (Ideally, Skype with an answering machine, but if this is not possible, then a fax for the city
Phased scheme of work when buying:
1. Put a sock or tunnel under the holder
2. Set up the system time
3. Check on whoer.net if everything is as we need
4. We go to the desired shop (do not follow the direct link, it is better through google, but ideally through
any catalog of shops or any third-party resource where there is a link to the store)
5. Do not immediately proceed to purchase an E-gift card. 5-7 minutes walk around the shop see the goods (drive
yourself as a buyer, do not poke into all sections, look at one).

If there is an advertising banner in the shop showing us that you can buy an Egift card, it’s better
go to the purchase through it, it will look like a spontaneous decision, rather than
6. Go to the purchase of E gift cards for carding
7. Choose a face value
8. We enter in the columns the names and mails of the sender and recipient, we also write meaningful
message to the recipient (do not neglect this). At the expense of names, I hope you remember that
the real names of the holders cannot be verified, so we write the name on which our email is made.
9. We proceed to checkout, where we enter the real billing address of the holder (there are
shops with bugs, where when buying E gifts they may be asked to enter a shipping address, here we enter the address
holder, but check whether you are buying exactly E-gift card, not Gift)
REMEMBER: Gift is exactly the same purchase as any other, the system does not sleep here either
antifraud and the success of your order will depend on how well you prepared everything before
In the case of the arrival of the charge, E-gift can cancel or expand the package sent to this Gift.
Below is the e-Gift purchase process using the ebags.com store example:
Buying with e-Gift
So we got our cherished e-Gift!
All its charm is that in fact, anyone can pay with e-Gift.
This means that we go to our store, select the goods we need and when making a purchase
we already indicate the billing and shipping addresses that we need, i.e. addresses of our intermediary.
And at the end of the checkout process, we find payment methods pay by gift card among payment methods
not SS, but our E-gift cards.
Most often in stores when making a purchase, even before you reach the choice of payment method
there is a column "apply gift card" or "apply gift certificate". If you see such a column, then simply enter
there the code of our e-Gift card and click "apply", if any. Start looking through the eyes of this column with
moment of transition to the basket. Sometimes this column is present in the section for choosing a payment method.

Here is a diagram of how to output an E-gift
Go to the store via an external link, say, from a search engine (to create the appearance of a transition not from bookmarks) - open yahoo.com, write the name of the store without a domain and go there
I’ll sit in the selected store for 10 minutes, posing as a buyer. Go to products, see photos
Add the product (or E-Gift) to the basket and click "make a purchase". these are the Buy or Add to Cart buttons.
To complete the purchase, click "Place an order" and send us to the invoice / delivery information input menu.
After entering all the information - click "Continue order". and the payment either passes or does not pass
After the payment has passed - you will be sent a notification by e-mail with the order number (order) and status, I also recommend calling after combing the store.
There is nothing special about electronic gifts. came with a clean home initiate, got CC, called and received an electronic gift. this is possible without a call, but the amount of an electronic gift will be no more than $ 100.
The phone will put Skype with an answering machine. Because, most likely, they will ask you to call back. under the city of the owner of the Criminal Code.
Search and buy CC for E-Gift
If you go to the popular electronic gifts of shopping stores, then the price of these gifts is usually $ 100
for this takes debit CC
USBank Banks Chase JPMorgan
Gmail or Yahoo email

We give phone numbers to our boys, they call with a number change, that is, under your number, which was indicated in the order, you can also call your numbers, you can take a number from them or put your own
Skype Total with auto dialing. We take a number from them, indicate it when buying and wait.
Name of the card holder, address, postal card holder (the one you prepared for him), name of the recipient GIFT and his mail - here, in our case, you must indicate the name of the drop in the middle. Well, write something in the message so as not to be left blank. Be unusual, as if you are actually buying a gift card.
To withdraw money from the card, the bank needs only the card number + CVV2 + EXP.
The remaining data serves for verification.
The full name is not verified - you can put any
US only CC

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