We will make Enroll with my credit card, I will sell it here dumpskingdom24.com. For this credit card, we will register a personal account. Many opportunities that we will get from this. I will show you how to change the billing address.

The address of the payee is the address of the dude, the owner of the credit card. The banks we will be able to register with will allow us to change the billing address to the one you need using the online method. For example, an intermediary). If the bank does not allow you to change billing online, this can be done with a call, the bank will call you to change the address. Sometimes banks for statements have a corresponding section in which we enter the invoice and fax the document, they will change the billing address. If the method is online, then everything is simple, change the owner’s address to the address of your drop, wait a few days, usually from 2 to 5 days, in different banks in different ways, check if everything is alright with the change, then we go to do order in the store on account = ship. This method is one of the easiest for the United States if you know how to register.
Another huge plus of this method is the mini deposit. This is the microtransaction that the store takes from you, usually about 1-2 dollars. This transaction serves to verify your card in the store or PayPal, on Steam and other places. The store takes a small amount of money from you and asks you to specify exactly how much they have withdrawn from your card, or the transaction code that came with this mini-deposit. If you said this information, then everything is in order, the store’s level of trust in you has increased significantly, and there will be no 95% problems with this order from the store.
The third huge plus is VBV if the card is VISA, and MCSC if the MASTERCARD. When ordering goods, when you are asked for this verification code, there will be two cases if the owner has not previously entered the code, then you simply enter the data and set your code or reset the code that the holder installed and set your own again.

Website for VISA - https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/

The fourth plus is the change of phone holder. Together with the billing address, we can change the phone. As a result, when the store calls the bank, all the information provided coincides, and the package passes to you safely. We need those that ask for SSN / DOB.

How to register a credit card (Enroll carding)

To do this, you need to know all the banks in which you can register, with minimal information about the user, we buy a credit card in my kingdom and find out this information for this. Different banks will require different information. They can simply request an SSN / DOB or their mother’s maiden name and PIN,.
SSN is the owner's social security number. DOB - date of birth of the owner.
In my dumpskingdom store, credit cards with cvv come with SSN and DOB.

Having received ssn / dob, we enter the bank’s web page and register,. If you do everything right, then we will successfully register.

Reasons for which we may not be able to register.
1. Bad stuff (credit card)
2. SSN and other incorrect information
a) The card is not the property of the indicated person at the time of purchase, but the mother / and other relatives are the real owner.

c) A personal account has already been registered on this credit card

There are two types of registration (Enroll carding):
1. Primary enroll - a personal account has not yet been registered on this credit card
2. Reroll - My account has already been registered, but you can change the data if you get information about the owner, what kind of car he had, his mother's maiden name, etc.)))

To make primary Enroll carding, I advise you to buy credit cards with a maximum shelf life. if it’s 2019, then buy a credit card up to 21 years old, starting at 22 years old, if the cards are designed for three years

The real example is how to make a registration.
I take the tunnel for the fall of the STATE / CITY.
.on Tuesday I go into my bank account and change my address and phone number (we can buy a Skype number for reset status and even its city)
For each, I separately clone the system so that from the moment of registering the card until the end of its life, I do not clear this system and all cookies are saved !!!!
Change addresses in a couple of business days after changing billing
The address changes for several days, as a rule, after changing the billing you should not place orders in all stores at once. Only in weeks I start to shop online.

Delivery of things to the store!
I find things, up to $ 1,000, and take a questionnaire to call the store, fill it out and give it to the dude, call the stores to make an order by phone. When ordering by phone, I save myself from setting up an order system + bypassing seller’s protection, which may reveal my dirty plans)). In the store you see the data of your card in the terminal. Contacting the store by phone at the bank displays this transaction, as if the owner had not made his order on the Internet, but used his card in this store.
(Enroll Carding it's delicious)(Enroll Cardingits nice)(Enroll Cardingits excellent)



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