How to buy dump or cvv?

You should register and login in DumpKingdom, after that click button dump or cvv. Next you may use filter (type, base, country, bin and so on) to find particular dump or cvv which you need, after that click “to cart” and make money with our the best shop.
How to billing?

You should register and login in DumpKingdom, after that click button Billing. Next you should create wallet with currency which convenient for you. Then choose currency and amount, it remains only to transfer money to wallet. After that you can investment in business with us.
How to start?

If you need any help, you may write to sup chat 24/7. And we create some articles for you, which located on unlogin page https://dumpkingdom24.com/. You should carefully learn this for full understanding carding.
How to do refund?

If you buy dump or cvv, and you decide that stuff is bad, you can do refund request (6 hours for dump and 1 hour for cvv). After that Dumpkingdom check your request and complete or not depending on checker shows. More detailed in rules. Also we have article “Response Codes”, where you may find details for every code.
Why are country & mark and city & zip difference?

Because country & mark mean place where located the bank to which the card belongs. But city & zip mean place where card was hacked and it could be another country.
I complete billing but money did not come to the wallet, what to do?

Do not panic, usually the transaction complete from a few minutes for a couple hours. If it is been a long time, you should write to sup chat and we decide your problem.
What is pack of dumps?

This is mix of dumps (25,50,100,500) with difference bin. Pack is VERY advantage purchase in relation price-quantity but you should understand that it is random. Also you can not request refund dumps from pack. Buy pack perfect suitable for making bin list and we have detailed article about this on unlogin page https://dumpkingdom24.com/ which name is “Find your BIN”.

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