Flipkart Carding TRUSTED 100% credit card STORE

100% VALID Flipcard Carding Method: -

Flip card carding need:
*********. Bazaar account
Virtual Private Network for Socks 5 Security or Other Ways
Telephone number
identification data

Flipcart carding need credit card, buy it in my fullz DOB SNN store Kingdom

Tips - Use Only Canadian Non-VBN As 403276.446547.519493

Clear your browsing history and create an account on Flipkart using credit card owner information

Add any large item weighing over 50KB and a small item weighing 2KB to the basket

Sign out and sign back in after 2 hours

- BRO remove the product from 50 KB from your basket and order 2 Cash on delivery to the product

- Log out of your account again and log in after 30 minutes and order the product you want to buy.

-. Pay by credit card

-. The delivery address will be yours, and the address for issuing the address of the owner of the credit card

- Pay using credit card details from my store

- You get your product and it means money bro

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