In this article we will talk about how to behave when you try to pay for purchases in an offline store. Let's analyze the situations that can occur and how to avoid the consequences.

You have already registered in our store, bought a good stuff and created a copy of the credit card. But to use it correctly in the store you need to know some features

Declined to pay!

It may happen that at the last moment the card was blocked by its owner or there were suspicions that the card was stolen. For this case, you definitely need to prepare!

First, carry a second card or cash to immediately pay for the purchase and pretend that it's just a misunderstanding. He should not guess that you wanted to make a payment with this card. If you do not have enough money to pay for the purchase it is better to just leave. But in any case do not run so as not to cause suspicion. Better to say you want to take the cash of the car. Or you can say that you are waiting for the replenishment of your account and the money has not yet reached.

Secondly, behave naturally. You don't have to worry, imagine that this is your card and if you have problems you will be really surprised.

Pick-up card bank response

Another situation that can happen is a pick-up card bank response. It's already much worse but you can still get out of this situation. What would you do if it was your card? That's right, tell the seller that you want to call the Bank and deal with this situation! Pretend that you call and wait for the answer of the Bank employee. Try at this time to pick up the card from the seller as if you want to tell the operator your card number. Gradually, during the conversation, leave the store and leave so as not to arouse suspicion. Do not run – then the seller will figure it all out!

What to do if nothing helped and you got caught?

Yes, it is necessary to consider such an outcome. All can be because there is where the big money, big risks. First of all, remember that you have the right to remain silent. Never think that this will not happen to you. You have to be prepared for the worst. Leave some money to the Trustee – if this happens, the money you need. Do not keep any evidence of your activities at home – the cops will look in the first place there. The less they can find evidence the better for you. Come up with a legend where you have this card. In an extreme case, you can try to say that you found that card and decided to use his fortune and now you fully repent. Or think of something better. This will help to reduce the punishment.

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