Non vbv bins cc list 2019-2020

What is VBV

VBV is Verified by Visa - special user authentication protocol from Visa that protects your card against unauthorized use and gives you peace of mind when shopping online and you use CNP (Card Not Present) payments.

VBV checker

This method of non vbv cheking is only suitable for Visa non vbv cards

ATTENTION! There is no universal non vbv checker! Using non vbv checkers on any site you can make the stuff invalid!


The main difference between vbv and non vbv is that if there is no authorization protocol you do not have to receive a confirmation code to complete the transaction. Non vbv easier to use than vbv

When you want to use a non vbv card, you can easily make a transaction without additional confirmations.

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Here you can also find a list of bins, which may include non vbv

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