How to become a professional Carder?

Most people spend a lot of time and money to figure out how to do it right. In this article we will tell you how to avoid it and quickly become a professional Carder.

First: Equipment

Here's what you need to start
  1. To clean your cache use CClearner
  2. IP Address - Socks 5
  3. VPN
  4. A few working emails: Google Mail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook (create new)
  5. Virtual Machine - Virtual Box
  6. . A quality CC/CVV/dumps of course from our store
  7. User Agent/ Finger Print Spoofing Tools – FraudFox / AntiDetect Browsers

Second: Process

The process of buying or receiving anything is always standard:
  1. After you have purchased CVV and created the necessary account you need to check the location of the card holder (country and city).
  2. Configure VPN on for the location of the cardholder: select the desired country and the nearest available city.
  3. Start the virtual machine (Virtual Box) on your computer.
  4. Start Sock5 through the proxy Manager and configure it again to the location of the cardholder. You must ensure that your IP address is not blacklisted (BL Check).
  5. Open the User Agent / Fingerprint Spoofing Tools (FraudFox / AntiDetect) and configure it.
  6. Change the system time to match the time zone of the cardholder.
  7. Use CClearner and clear the cache. Clear the DNS cache by going to Run>type " CMD ">type " ipconfig/flushdns”.
  8. Start the Internet browser. We recommend TorBrowser.
  9. Check your details Check2IP. Make sure the data are displayed correctly.

So, now you can start carding. If you need email, use common email services such as GMail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook mail. That's it!
This algorithm is universal. You can use it for almost every cardable website.

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