The Basics of Carding

The Basics of Carding

Now carding is a world with strict rules. You must now these rules to get a Jackpoint. If you are not afraid problem with law, you are so sure of yourself, then welcome to carding.

Where to begin?

This issue worries all newcomers. Why would you start with carding? With the bays, roll, naked, drop, ringing, drawing documents, clothes, casino, dating? That's enough, but not all are suitable for beginners. Personally, I think that a beginner can quite well start in the clothes and start his first business there. So, what is a thing? We go to the online store, choose a laptop or a gold chain, we pay for the data from the rich man's card, and the ordered goods come to us on the mail. One of the biggest problems is antifrod protection. It is such a special automatic system that tries to track a person driving a card and determine a carder or a real rich man. Basically, this system looks at the correspondence of the client's IP address to the country and the state where he lives. That is, for example, we drive a map of Tom&Jerry who lives in the city of Chicago, Illinois, and the IP address shows that this person is now in Phoenix, Arizona for example. Such tricks with antifrood system will not pass. It also looks at local computer settings such as the system language, time zone. Because of you should Find your BIN.


Let's start with how to protect your real IP address from over-exposure. One of the most successful solutions to date is the VPN. VPN is such a service that will help you stay anonymous, it will help you hide your real IP address, and will not give an opportunity to listen to traffic. Next on the list are Socs. In general, the soks are needed not so much for security as for the anti-fraud system to think that we are leaving the state we need. And where is that from the Congo? Now about how to take the goods ordered in the shops. So we need to find a drop. Drop is a person who will take on not only the sending but also the visit of cops if any will arrive. Fee for this percentage of the sale of goods or the second thing in the package. That is, for example, he received two laptops, one he leaves himself another sends you. Now the drop-heads are also buyers in one person. Those. you send him a laptop costing 1k bucks and he takes out $ 500 for you on your WMZ purse. This method is many times more convenient because you do not need to take the goods on yourself, but you can immediately vparivat it and get laundered money. In order not to store data in clear form, we need to encrypt it. We will encrypt using TrueCrypt.

System Setup

So that to have a tuned system we need to put it somewhere. The best option for this is a virtual machine. For this situation, WMware is best suited. If you have your encrypted container stored on a flash drive, then you just need to share the network access to it and in the guest OS in TrueCrypt specify the path through the network to the container. With this sorted out, I also recommend downloading the prog CCtools for changing the company's ids and names. Use the program to delete temporary Internet files such as cookies, sessions, cache. Privacy Eraser Pro, CCleaner, The program also cleans history in the browser, removes unnecessary files, cleans the registry. The system was set up, ready to drive.

Anatomy of cards

Now we need to understand the details of what cards are and how to use them. Usually, the cards are sold in this way:

Heather Dodder, 10/27/1977, 1232345663, 135 Wyckfield Road, Savannah, GA, 31410, US, "", "1 (912) 256-1212", "Visa", "4185859754095343", "307", "06", "2008", "PLATINUM (CREDIT)", "PROVIDIAN NATIONAL BANK"

Unclear? We'll cut it out here and then:

1) Heather Dodder - the name of the cardholder (the owner of the credit card).
2) 10/27/1977 - the date of birth of a cardholder (DOB - Date Of Birth).
3) "1232345663" - number of personal insurance (SSN - social secure number).
4) "135 Wyckfield Road" - address of the holder (135 - house number, Wyckfield Road - name of the street).
5) "Savannah" - city of residence of the cardholder.
6) "GA" - state warehouse holding company.
7) "31410" - indexcartholder (ZIP code in usa).
8) "US" - country cardholder.
9) "" - postcard holder (e-mail).
10) "1 (912) 256-1212" - phone card holder.
11) "Visa" - type of credit card.
12) "4185860387795343" - number of the credit card.
13) "307" - CVV or CVV2 code cards (3-x or 4-digit).
14) "06", "2008" - the date of termination of the credit card (exp date).
15) "PLATINUM (CREDIT)" - type of the card visa.
16) "PROVIDIAN NATIONAL BANK" - the name of the bank that issued the card. By the way, SSN is far away from the map.

Such information as SSN and DOB is searched separately for a fee. If you dont know what it means read our Dictionary .

Types of credit cards

Visa (VI, starts 4)   MasterCard (MC, starts with 5)   American Express (AMEX, starts at 3).

Additional information sometimes requested by the bank / shop

MMN (mother's maiden name) - mother's maiden name.
DOB (date of birth) - date of birth.
SSN (social secure number) - individual taxpayer number.
PIN (pin code) - 4-digit pin-code of the card.
DL (driver's license) - driver's license number.

Well, like everything you need to know about credit cards first. Now we are ready for the first drive, so go ahead in a new chapter!

Short tutorial

Test drive

For starters, I recommend that you practice with "cats". That is, on the little things that would then be driven on a real site passed without any problems. So in the first you can croak yourself Counterstrike. To do this, go to our virtual machine. On the main one, we are clinging to the VPN, to the guest soks by the state of the Holder. You can not buy credit cards for this business and look for a cooler in freebies or ask someone for a credo. At CI in freebies quite often I saw creeds, the main thing is to choose fresher. Then you can card stim. You can also practice punching a card in a porn. You can buy any cheap programs. Just do not need to use all this on your computer. Slept. If with the test drive you all went well, and you have at least a little experience to drive, then go on to find a real job!

Real driving

To start making money on real shops, you need to find these shops. Read in the shops in the fake what you need to order, if you think that the shop should send, then do so, take a credit card drive it in and the delivery address write the address of the owner of some other card. THOSE. there must be a real person at the address you wrote. With a successful drive you will collect and send the order and the mail will be sent a track. The track is the parcel number by which you can track it on the postal service website where the parcel is now located. So if you store sent a track and the parcel is gone, congratulations! You found a shop. Now go to the drop. You again drive the parcel into the name and address of the drop and go! Now sit and wait for the first money from the drop!About another ways of earning money you may read in full Tutorial.

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