Verify the card

You bought dump in our cardnig store DumpKingdom and so you got the CC, first thing you need to check: There are special services to verify the validity of the CC, you can find. (It is acceptable, although it costs money). There are validation programs for the CC, such as ePlus, PS Charge. I advise you to visit www.authorize.net. (Acceptable, but still have to pay the money).

There are ways to make money

Now you have 100% valid Credits on your hands, now you want a lot of money and immediately:

1. Use of IT-exchanges, for example betonmarkets.com. You register the account, you drive the cash according to the credo, the name of the bank, the account number in the bank and you swing from there to your account on E-Gold.
2. Register on porn. Trial - from 2 to 5 $ (It is not always acceptable, because on some porn sites three days after the Trial - registration from the card is withdrawn for full registration).
3. Register yourself a paid mail, for example at mail.com (Not always acceptable).
4. Use a stick (it's also PayPal). Today it is too stressful, so I will not focus your attention.
5. Clothes Carding. You order in the online store the goods to the any safe address. Or use a Drop.
6. Escrow-services are intermediary services in transactions between the auction and the buyer. For example, you send them money, the EC tells the seller that there is money, and he (the seller) sends the goods. Having received it, you report this, and the money goes to the seller. To implement this is very problematic. It has its own peculiarities, for example, that to continue working it is necessary to have a large number of positive feedback from customers, etc.
7. Use eBay. You create yourself two Account Seller and Buyer and you buy the goods from yourself. It is very difficult and directly connected with the stick (see above). It is necessary to have a great practical or at least theoretical experience.
8. Casino. In some casinos you can play with each other, for example, in cards for money, with one register ac with the account E-Gold, another - on the basis, and the one who has money from Creda specifically loses to someone who has the E-Gold.
9. Engaged in hitting the CC. By analogy with point "1", only here is a stranger's site; and you get your interest. In order to succeed in this field it is necessary to have a lot of experience, because there are enough hit in now, but most without experience.
If you dont know how to begin, I advice to read The Basics of Carding.

This is so, in short, one can say, and now about security, also in short

1. I use proxy, always. First, I use anonymous proxies, they can be found here: http://www.redfeng.com/other/proxy.html We do not advise you to use various anonymizers, basically they all either work or provide information to special services. When you get fatter, buy a proxy, because in most they either, in general, do not keep logs, or they are regularly cleaned.

2. Do not leave traces on your computer. Use the Mobile Pack and in case of what, you can immediately get rid of it, for example from the window to throw out ? Use SocksChain and SocksCap to preserve anonymity on the Web.9. Engaged in hitting the CC. By analogy with point "1", only here is a stranger's site; and you get your interest. In order to succeed in this field it is necessary to have a lot of experience, because there are enough hit in now, but most without experience.

Anatomy of cards and short terminology

Dump structure

Dump - information recorded on the magnetic strip of the credit card.
Usually consists of 2 or 3 tracks and it looks like this:
Track 3: not interesting for us
Track - a piece of information recorded on the map. Total on the map are 3.

Now, with regard to terminology:

CC, cardboard, potato is, of course, credit cards.
Fraud - illegal operation.
Cardholder - owner of the plastic card.
CVV / CVV2 / CVN - numbers providing protection when paying over the Internet; are on the back of the card.
Check cards (check for validity, see above) - checking credit cards for operability.
Dandy carding - one of the varieties of carding, is to buy real things on stolen goods.
Drop - from a person who is "discounted" by cash, checks or goods ordered in the store, which he then passes on to his employer. There are both professionals in this field, and those who do not know that they are dropouts.
Wire transfer is an electronic transfer of money.
Chargeback - produced when the cardholder declares that they have robbed her.
Money orders or Cashier Checks - are checks that are prepaid in advance (one of the most convenient for carders).
Transaction is a transaction on the card, starting with the identification of the cardholder and until the moment of issuing the money.
The stick is PayPal, the system of electronic payments.
Zarik is a person who helps to transfer money into cash.
Escrow services - offices that play the role of guarantors when working with auctions.
White plastic is just a piece of white plastic with an empty magnetic strip.
The issuer of the plastic card is the office that issued the card.
BIN (Bank Identification Number) - the first few digits of the card number, which indicate the issuing bank. Usually this is the first six digits.
The acquirer is the bank responsible for the initial processing of transactions.
Authorization - the process of checking the availability of funds on the account of the client.
Merchant account - a special account in the bank, which is opened by the seller to withdraw money from card accounts.
Embosser is an apparatus that squeezes out information on maps.
Encoder (reader) - a device for reading and writing information from the magnetic strip of the credit card.
ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) - ATM.
Imprinter - a device that prints on slip the data embossed on the map, and data about the point where the imprinter is located.
POS terminal (point-of-sale terminal) is a device installed in stores. Reads the information written on the magnetic strip, and communicates with the bank for the transaction.
Bill is an account.
Billing - the transaction processing center.

If you want to know more, there is full carding Dicionary

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