Walmart carding

Hi bro. everyone wants to make money on this shit from the start, the bros just found out about carding, they want to start working with such large stores, like Walmart
. I recommend starting with small stores; small stores have a weak verification system.

You need to look for new stores, because after several operations the store will suffer and tighten the check. When you learn to bypass the security system of a large store, you will earn a lot of money all the time.
I will tell you about Walmart.
Buy a card at the DumpsKingdom store, we need a US card without VBV.
Register a new email address for this card.
The following points are important for success; you need to find a clean IP. We will use socks.
After the purchase, go to
In the column, your anonymity should be 100%. Then copy your IP and go to
Transfer your IP address and click on check blacklist. If your IP is not blacklisted, this is great!
After that go to walmart website. Go through the registration and create a new account for the data of the purchased card. In the delivery address field, enter your
reset information. Do not make a purchase, immediately spend 10-15 minutes on the site, go through the sections. You must note the actions of the real buyer.
After placing the order, the amount does not exceed $ 500. Once you’ve done everything correctly, you will receive delivery tracking via email. After delivery,
You can make another order for up to 500. If my product is still working, it will be fine. Have a good hunt my bros.

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