WORLDREMIT carding method

Before making money with the WORLDREMIT 2019 card
I will tell you what WORLDREMIT is and what my WorldRemit carding product is and much more.

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service that provides international money transfer services. It was founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, Katherine Vines and Richard Aigo. As of 2018, WorldRemit had about 3 million users.Its main competitors are Remitly and TransferWise.

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To successfully fuck Worldremit you need:

Socks / VPN Security and Privacy
or (remote desktop protocol)
credit card information (CC) from my Dump Kingdom store and
DIRECT phone number for use this method

My brother creates a WorldRemit account
Buy credit card information in my store(use the filter before purchase)
create business gmail with cards info cc holder
Click on the website WORLDREMIT.COM
Log in to your Worldremit account.
For direct entry, select “Options” -> “Send funds”.
Select it once.
Mobile functions /airtime/withdrawal functions.
When you will fill out the declared in the store.
Telephone number
full recipient data, click fucking SEND button. WorldRemit carding is DONE!!!

Or with a VPN on your phone
Download WorldRemit App
buy a card in my store, I will say which one is better(BIN) @KingShit123 telegram chat
Sign up for WORLDREMIT.
create an account and run
Features -> Sending funds -> Staff selection,
Choose one of the options.
Mobile function/airtime/money withdrawal function.
Write a phone number.
You filled in the data with the recipient with your data from credit card from my store, click the "Send" button. Worldremit carding completed.

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